shrewsbury food map

Shrewsbury Food Map

A great way to find places to eat is to view our interactive map filled with delicious treats to make you feel hungry. We start you off looking at the centre of Shrewsbury, but zoom out from street level to view the whole county and pick up some great farm shops, pubs and restaurants along the way.
Shrewsbury Food Map

types of food

Types of Food

While we do not have the diversity of a city like Birmingham, we do still have a great choice of food right here in Shropshire, and the types of food available to us get more interesting by the year. We now have more than twenty categories of food; from the traditional British restaurant, to Spanish tapas.
Food by Type

shrewsbury food reviews

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Bakehouse 2.0 is now up and running opposite the market and London Chicken is coming soon to Castle Foregate.

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Peking Aroma logo

Peking Aroma Review

quote markI recommend this Chinese.
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Ramna Balti House logo

Ramna Balti House Review

quote markDelicious food and service at Ramna Balti house very friendly Staff looked after me and my family very well will highly recommend to anyone out there! 5 out of 5 Mouth watering food!! Very nice my family loved the meal!
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Bakehouse 2.0 logo

Bakehouse 2.0 Review

quote markWonderful baguettes, just like proper French boulangerie ones. Think we will become regular customers.
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shropshire breweries

Shropshire Breweries

Brewing experienced something of a revival in popularity during the last five years as the number of craft or microbreweries grew substantially. In Shropshire we currently have seventeen breweries mixing grain, hops, yeast and water to produce award winning ales.
Shropshire Breweries

veg box schemes

Organic Box Schemes

A lot of people seem to have the misconception that vegetable box schemes are expensive. If you are used to paying supermarket prices, you will be pleasantly surprised. Here is a round up of the best fruit, vegetable, meat and fish box schemes the county has to offer.
Veg Box Schemes

shrewsbury market hall

Shrewsbury Market Hall

The Market Hall at Shrewsbury is a fantastic place to buy your fresh fruit, vegetables and meat from local producers. The market stall holders are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch and between them offer some of the best locally produced Shropshire food. Opens most days of the week.
Shrewsbury Market Hall

theatre severn

Theatre Severn

If you are some way from home, or local and just looking to make a night of it, there are some great places to eat before or after a night at the theatre. On the following page we highlight our top picks, with something for every appetite and pocket.
Theatre food

food from shropshire festival

Shropshire Food Festivals

Shropshire has a large rural economy so it stands to reason there will be plenty of interest in food festivals. We certainly have our fair share of great events. From the well established Ludlow food festival to the newstart Shrewsbury food festival, late summer equals fantastic local food.
Shropshire Food Festivals

fish and chips

Fish and Chips in Shrewsbury

Whether you want the traditional cod and chips, a slightly more adventurous grilled plaice, or any other combination of battered sausages, pies, fish cakes, and onion rings, your local chippy won't be far away. Find out more about Shrewsbury's fish and chip restaurants on the following page.
Local fish and chips