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Who are they

This national chain of Italian cafes and restaurants was originally established by the famous Italian television chef, Antonio Carluccio. They have spread out from London and have now arrived here in Shropshire to share their unique brand of Italian meals. While you are unlikely to see Antonio in his chef whites, preparing your meal, you can be sure that each dish on the menu has his nod of approval and is therefore likley to be of appropriate quality for a good Italian eatery.

What do they offer

The menu at Carluccio's Shrewsbury consists of everything you would expect from an Italian restaurant: tasty salads, steaming bowls of pasta in every shape imaginable, and some delicious sounding main courses that we cannot wait to try. Zuppa di Pesca - a fish stew that includes some spicy Italian sausage, and the seasonal special risotto is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Why do we like them

We like that Carluccio's make their food fresh on the premises each day and that if you order from the menu, you know that the chefs have the skill and passion to deliver to your table exactly the dish that you were hoping for. Some will appreciate that their online menu at least includes a guide on the amount of calories each meal conatains. We also like that while many restaurants pay close attention to consumer trends, we are pleased to see that Carluccio's has taken their sustainability initiative as far as removing certain fish from its menu completely. Anyone who has eaten in Italy will know that Swordfish is an Italian staple, but being high on the list of endangered species, you will not find it on the menu at Carluccio's in Shrewsbury!

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avatarBasil's review
Had lunch on Sunday here. The staff an service they provided was excellent. The food also was very enjoyable and we will be dining here again soon.

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Carluccios Reviewed by Basil on . Had lunch on Sunday here. The staff an service they provided was excellent. The food also was very enjoyable and we will be dining here again soon. Rating: 5

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