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Dragon King Restaurant

Who are they

Dragon King Shrewsbury is a Chinese buffet style restaurant situated next door to the cinema complex on Old Potts Way. Their great location means they are always busy and there are often times when finding a table can be tricky. They do have competition from two other food venues on the same site, but if you want Chinese food before or after your cinema experience, then this is the place to go.

What do they offer

There is a surprisingly good choice of food at Dragon King, and the kind of value you would expect from a buget restaurant - don't expect fine dining because you aren't paying those kind of prices. The buffet is frequently refreshed and the place is always clean and tidy. This place has a loyal following and some pretty tasty authentic Chinese food.

Why do we like them

We like that Dragon King have got the recipe right. If they turned the place into a high end, posh Chinese restaurant then they would attract far fewer people. Their audience is families who are heading for the cinema. This is the crowd they attract and they do it well. The food is tasty, the place is clean and the prices are good. Unashamedly among the cheaper eats end of the market, the guys at Dragon King have done their homework and are running a good little restaurant.

Your Dragon King Restaurant reviews

avatarVisitor's review
I have been to The Dragon King many times now and think it's a brilliant restaurant. You are greeted very quickly and the door and shown to a table. Drink orders taken and then you are welcome to fill your plate up at the buffet. The food is very well stocked and I have never experienced it to be 'not very warm' as other reviewers have found.

It is an 'all you can eat' restaurant and in the evening it is £10.99 per person. A bargain really! The staff are very friendly and your plate is taken straight away once you have finished, so that you can get a clean plate each time you go up to eat.

There is only one thing that spoils the experience of dining at The Dragon King and thats the Happy Birthday music that they play. Pretty much every time I have gone there it has been someones birthday. They will stop the normal background music and play a happy birthday song, then serenade the lucky birthday boy or girl with claping, singing and cake. For me, it personally makes me cringe and want to leave, but that is just my personal taste/dislike.

8/10 for this restaurant. Big thumbs up.

avatarEmma's review
I think people here are forgetting that it's incredibly cheap and you get far more for your money then say MacDonalds. I cannot personally see why people are complaining about it myself. On every occasion staff have been more then welcoming, food has been well stocked and the puddings have also been to a good standard. I am more then pleased with this restaurant and go there for the purpose that it a good price for lunch and I can eat as much or little as I'd like with the option of having more. Exactly what it advertises!

avatarVisitor's review
The Dragon king is very good value for money, buffet style food, and there is a lot of choice, you cannot go many places to eat now for under £6 for a 3 course meal,a great place to eat at lunch before the cinema as it is next door, staff are helpful, infact my only niggle is the tables are very close together, apart from this, excellent!!

avatarVisitor's review
I have been to dragon King lots, the staff were friendly, the food was hot and there was even a chocolate fountain. The buffet offers lots of differnet choices, I really can't see why everyones complaining. If you go on your birthday then there's a cake with a candle that they bring out, and play the happy birthday music!

avatarAaron Whiteway's review
Consistently an alround well stocked buffet whether the place is sold out or not, the food selection is better than most and the star item would have to be the sweet and sour chicken cantonese style. This place represents true value for money and with the cinema next door has an ideal setup for a value night out.

avatarA41 Roger's review
We like the food and the service.
We travel from Wrecsam, with a car full everytime. If someone else could drive, I would be pushed out. We have people coming from London to visit us and insiting we take them to Dragon King in Shrewsbury for good value food. If it was closer, we would walk there.

avatarshona's review
food is very nice but can be very greasy, realy cheap but also gets refilled after a while, staff are nice very helpful but do seem to dilly dally around with nothing to they have to many staff but in the end it is a wonder ful family friendly place and i do recomend it.

avatarMary's review
I have eaten here at lunch time prior to going into the cinema. It was excellent value for money, the variety of dishes is very good and you can make it a three course meal. The staff were friendly. I didn't find the food greasy and I abhor excess fat!

avatarSophie xxx's review
I think this place is lush,the food tastes amazing and there's a lot to choose from,I'm a vegetarian and I'm still full up by the end,I go every year for my birthday,I recommend this place :D

avatarVisitor's review
9/10, brilliant, delishious & all round YUMMY.. Went for my 1st time last week, & really enjoyed it, actually trying to get the other half to take me tonight haha..

avatarHelen 's review
Its cheep and cheerful, great value for money. The Staff are friendly and efficient.

avatarEm's review
A matter which way you look at it!

Most recent review:

Dragon King Restaurant Reviewed by A41 Roger on . We like the food and the service.
We travel from Wrecsam, with a car full everytime. If someone else could drive, I would be pushed out. We have people coming from London to visit us and insiting we take them to Dragon King in Shrewsbury for good value food. If it was closer, we would walk there.
Rating: 5

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