Cafe Saffron Indian Restaurant arrow

25 Hills Lane
01743 246 753

I have always had a passion for Indian food. Indeed I may make it my goal to eat my way through every Indian restaurant in town. A recent celebration served as a good excuse to hit the town in an edible manner. After reading about Cafe Saffron we decided to give it a try. Located above a row of shops near the Welsh bridge, the restaurant also provides a take-away service. We visited on a Friday night and although we booked ahead, there was still plenty of room in the spacious dining room with it's big arch windows, perfect for watching the Shrewsbury nightlife passing on the street below.

Great menu. Lots of choice and lots of dishes I hadn't heard of before. We each tried a new dish of medium spiciness and both were good size portions and tasted very good. Typically I preferred my fellow diners choice - why does that always happen? Each dish on the menu has a chile pepper rating ranging from one to four. Actually I think the Naga curry was rated hotter than a Phal at five chile peppers. But I wasn't about to test the theory. The waiters were very friendly and attentive and we weren't kept waiting for any part of our meal. I would definitely visit again (once I have completed my Shrewsbury Indian food mission of course).