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15 St Marys Street
01743 358870

Please note, Jesters is now called "Mad Jacks" and is owned by the same people as own the Mytton and Mermaid and who previously owned Cromwells which is a few doors down the street on dogpole. The review below predates the name change and does not relate to the current restaurant.

Jesters is a fairly unusual looking restaurant inside. Very modern looking but the first thing you see is a huge bar stretching most of the length of the back wall. There are three quite separate seating areas: in the front window on the soft black sofa style seating, at the back on the more rustic tables and chairs, or right at the back, near the kitchens. I have sat in all three and it doesn't make any difference to the food. If I'm honest Jesters used to be fairly average as a dining experience.

But things have changed and the new chef knows his onions, or rather his chips. I'm talking from lunch menu experience because I haven't eaten there at night, but the chips that come with most of the open sandwiches are just about the best I have ever eaten. I had chicken and mashed potato when I visited a few weeks ago and while it was good and while mashed potato are high on my list of favourite foods, the sandwiches with the chips are better and I will be having those again next time. Waiters were very good and you aren't kept waiting long for your food. Definitely worth a visit.